Terms of Reference

1. Vision Statement:

All children, youth and their families have the opportunity to participate and achieve optimal health, development and well-being in a child friendly community.

2. Mission Statement:

The Child, Youth & Family Network is a network of community representatives in Prince George, committed to promoting collaboration among service providers in order to facilitate effective transition planning, identify gaps in services for children and youth, develop strategic priorities, and make recommendations regarding community needs to relevant parties.

3. Membership:

Membership is open to residents of Prince George, including, but not limited to, families, service providers, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Northern Health, School District #57.

We will have a dynamic membership with a core group.

We will encourage membership and active participation by contributing to a sense of accomplishment for the members by:
3.1. Having clear, time-limited goals and projects
3.2. No committees – focus on tasks and projects
3.3. Holding productive meetings
3.4. Always moving forward with the people at the table, and not deferring items with the belief that people will participate when they're able.
3.5. Committing to getting "up to speed" before returning to the table, if we've missed a meeting.
3.6. Communicating our work to the larger community through a variety of channels, including list serves and web sites, as well as communicating successful work and projects through PGTV and public service announcements.
3.7. Having an optimistic, forward-looking perspective by focusing on what we can do, with the resources available to us.

4. Meetings:

4.1. Dates will be established at the end of the calendar year.
4.2. Work will proceed with the members present at the meeting.
4.3. Agenda items will not be deferred.
4.4. Meetings will focus on tasks and projects.
4.5. Standing Agenda Items:
4.5.1. Glossary of Terms
4.5.2. Glossary of Acronyms
4.5.3. Updates will be provided by the Children First Coordinator

5. Meeting Coordination:

5.1. Coordination of the meeting will be provided by the Children First Manager at Northern Health. Responsibilities include:
5.1.1. Scheduling meetings and notifying committee members;
5.1.2. Booking the venue
5.1.3. Arranging for a Facilitator
5.1.4. Arranging for a Recorder
5.1.5. Review and approve the draft minutes before distribution;
5.1.6. Circulating the minutes to attendees.

6. Function and Scope:

The functions of the Committee are:
6.1. To provide strategic coordination of work in the community
6.2. To provide focus & direction to work in the community
6.3. To distribute information across the community
6.4. To hear issues and ideas
6.5. To take information and feedback to funders
6.6. To make efficient use of Children First resources

7. History of the Committee:

The committee convened for the first time on March 18, 2011.

The Child, Youth & Family Network originated from the union of the Children First Steering Committee and the Community Services Integration Committee. This merger occurred as a response to the community's need for integrated services supporting the overall health and wellbeing of children, youth and families.

8. Accountability

Network members will communicate to and from the Department/Service they represent. They will also provide feedback to their Department/Service on Network issues, concerns and recommended policies.