Our Partners

Prince George has many dedicated and passionate people involved in supporting the community's children, youth and families. A variety of partnerships have evolved into committees, advisory's, networks and working groups throughout the community, each dedicated to issues faced by children, youth and families. For further information on these groups please see information provided below:

Community Infant Mental Health Committee (CIMHC)

The agencies participating in the Community Infant Mental Health Committee (CIMH-C) share a common goal of providing integrative and collaborative peer advice for professionals working with complex infants, children (conception – 6 years of age) and their families.


» CIMH-C Consent for Review (docx)
» CIMH-C Review Pathway (docx)

Northern Attachment Network Advisory (NANA)

What is the Northern Attachment Network?

The Northern Attachment Network (NAN) is a network of people living and working in northern British Columbia with an interest in supporting healthy parent-child attachment. Members of NAN have areas of interest and/or knowledge in parent-child attachment.

A primary objective of NAN is to share information and promote awareness of parent-child attachment and other factors that influence infant mental health. A second objective is to build capacity of community organizations and service providers to respond to families where parent-child attachment relationships are in need of support.

The key activity associated with membership in NAN is networking for sharing of information. Members of NAN join an email listserv, nan@unbc.ca, which is used to share information among members. Examples of items posted to the listserv include notices of upcoming training opportunities and brief literature reviews prepared by Dr. Cindy Hardy and students in the Department of Psychology at UNBC.

Membership in NAN is free. To join click the link: NAN Listserv.

What is the Northern Attachment Network Advisory?

The Northern Attachment Network Advisory (NANA) is a multi-agency committee that oversees the operations of NAN. Members of NANA have been active in securing funding, identifying activities and priorities for promoting awareness, and organizing training opportunities.

NANA includes representatives from a variety of organizations and families in northern British Columbia that are working to promote parent-child attachments and infant mental health.

We welcome new members to NANA. For more information contact Jenn Tkachuk, Sandra(Dot)Sasaki(At)northernhealth(Dot)ca or Jenny Plouffe, Jenny(Dot)Plouffe(At)northernhealth(Dot)ca


» NAN Parent Pamphlet (pdf)
» NAN Professional Brochure (pdf)
» NAN Logic Model (pdf)

Perinatal Liaison Committee

The Perinatal Liaison Committee (PLC), formerly known as the Perinatal Services Steering Committee, developed in response to a need for improved communication and collaboration with community partners in the delivery of care to Perinatal families.


» Terms of Reference (pdf)

Success by 6 Council of Partners

Success By 6 is a Provincial initiative that is a partnership of the United Way, the Credit Unions of BC and the BC Government. Our local Council of Partners is to perform the governance functions for Success By 6 for Prince George and the whole North Central Region and is responsible for establishing policy, strategic direction and accountability. The Council of Partners consists locally of representatives from our key partners the United Way, local credit unions and MCFD, local agencies that work with preschool children and their families, and anyone who has interest in the growth and development of preschool children.

Early Childhood Developmental Screening Evaluation Working Group

This working group is currently developing a set of recommendations for implementing early screening practices in Prince George.


» Northern Interior Children First Initiative - Final Report (PDF)

Prince George Child Care Evaluation Working Group

This working group is just getting started with an evaluation of child care services in Prince George. The intent is to explore child care needs in Prince George and share results with community stakeholders.